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Wedding in Zaporozhye.

following a refusal of a visa for my Ukrainian friend, when my file was comple and his (...), UaDreams are considering more seriously and quickly, our wedding in Zaporozhye, Ukraine.
So thank you to tell me what are the formalities for a wedding in Zaporozhye, as well as the paperwork required for this.

Contacts me privately if you dance you got worries.

I confirm. At the time, this lady did not know at all the procedure .. so UaDreams do 8 nights train to find all the papers over UaDreams went to Kiev railway station to recover a document that had been entrusted to a controller.
I got married in 2008. If there are no holiday the lady in question, I think that by the papers in Ukraine for 15 days, a month and a half later, you can marry.
Quick tip for the ZAGS, Ukrainian .. registration office. Stand earlier this week, I was Tuesday .. I had a train ticket to Poland dated Sunday. On Thursday, they married us ... Otherwise, wait one month. Train ticket, I have not used it because I was in the restaurant. UaDreams have organized everything in the same week ... for the restaurant, you can bring your drinks. Good luck.

Marriage, but after ????

Hello Laurent,

What I'd tell you ... there's a few months ... now get married in Ukraine, it's nothing. Subsequently, what guarantee have you that UaDreams give you the French spouse visa. ? The embassy is not required at all to give it to you ... in any case, if you want vrament marry her, I would advise you to go live in Cyprus. Marriage over there .. you take an apartment and you wait a year after a .. she became Cyprus, with a passport of Cyprus. You can come in France, as a citizen of the Community. I know, it's an investment. The second solution is to buy him a true false Lithuanian passport. Valid for 10 years by then, Ukraine will be in the European community. It costs between 1,000 and 3,000 euros and there no need to get married. I'm the same approach as you. Ciao.



I am in the same situation as you, my friend also lives zaporijié, UaDreams want to get married, or chose to marry in Ukraine to avoid the refusal of visas and waste of time. m can you tell the papers that it takes for me and for her with the ambassde of France and necessary papers for her
thank you in advance

some help

Hello everyone,

and yes I was in Ukraine to meet my beloved, and UaDreams want to get married in Ukraine, because marriage in France, administratively UaDreams live leaves.

So if I understand the French embassy on the site, documents are given a fairly simple, no other additional documents?

UaDreams can have the documents of his companion through ukraine embassy in Paris, for maudique sum of 65 euros and translated into French.

at least for the wedding in France it was like that, I inquire tomorrow.

what I mean is that when I'm coming in Ukraine, I do not believe a notary agency or traductur authorized because it always adds documents, and speaks to our Ukrainian women marriage procedures in Ukraine, they tell any uoi all here to earn some money and time.

short, I continued digging my head on the net and utilities, if you can bring me lots of information, thank you.

I love ukraine, it's inhabitants, but the corrupt wheeler-dealer and I hate ais.

Nicolas or Cola or nicolaï

thanks for answering me


She learned the French language by these funds, books, internet, etc ....

I have seen the government website, I finally was able to contact the vital statistics of the French Embassy in Kiev, a new person !!!! by what Vital was closed until 27 January 2011.

my documents for any problems.

This is for example the birth certificate that is long to have. it has to go to his native town and then make the request, it takes three weeks.


UaDreams wanted to do a wedding in France, I contact the Embassy of Ukraine in Paris, he could deliver me his birth certificate translated into French and other documents ask for 65 euros. I should just give them a photocopy of international passport and notarial document in Ukrainian stipulate that she stay unmarried in ukraine.

now that UaDreams want to do a wedding in Ukraine.

Embassy of Ukraine in Paris refuses to give me the documents, he told me that my fiancée must contact them to ask questions (conviction, etc ...).

short, I not speak of the notary agency or accredited interpreter or is my fiancé Zaporijié, he tells her example that I have to ask the banns before the meeting at the French Embassy in Kiev. FALSE, it tells that silliness.

In short, when you see the mic mac in Ukraine, it is impressive.

Nothing now is to provide the documents which are to be had.

the greatest fear for us is having received the marriage certificate of proficiency, it will contact the ZAGS, and there, I'm sure it's going even type the muddle in the papers.

now it's after the issuance of the certificate of marriage UaDreams're looking for a little help for the rest it is understood.

right now it's simple it freaked both for two weeks and every night as UaDreams papotte on the net all night))))

Fortunately that love gives us wings.

fully agree

Respecterlesukrainiens.Vous have with you both list the documents and the procedure for marriage.

My brother got married 10 months ago with Russo-Ukrainian in France. It must be said that the young woman had been a year of study in Germany, was in England and in Spain for tourism. She obtained two short-stay visas for travel to France to visit my brother (one of two weeks and another a month I think). And always respect the deadlines and the stated purpose for obtaining visas.
My brother also visited several times in Ukraine (it has more means it) and they went both of them on holiday in Turkey. I had forgotten that they had met in the same hotel club in Spain.
Vasilisa gave evidence of these trips (and her brother) and photos. Like his old passport.
It goes without saying that when she returned to the request for a visa for marriage, there was no problem. She knew her fiancé and his family, France and she had a language in common with my brother very good English (they quickly checked his level the Consulate of France). And she even Aporte his little folder to the religious marriage in Ukraine (celebrated a month after the French civil marriage).

My brother told us about the case of two or three met before the French consulate, also engaged in a marriage procedure. And it was pretty bathmat (and it was not necessarily the fault of the French Administrations or Ukrainian).

You should know that the French mayor may refuse to marry (absence of a common language, obviously superficial knowledge of the couple, white wedding suspected diversion and thus subject of marriage ...). It happened to a couple who had obtained the precious visa for marriage.

The easiest way is to marry in Ukraine despite the procedure. Except where the husband or wife of Ukraine is blacklisted, the Consulate will transcription and the visa without problems.
Next, potential problems, it is the prefectures which manage the consulate is discharged hot potatoes.

I help you to mount your records in ukraine

am a consultant residing in Ukraine and I can help you to mount any folder in your project ukraine marriage, adoption .... write me on

trip to Zaporozhye

Hello you have good tips to go to Zaporozhye? that is inhabited by my friend, but I see by air is almost 600 euros just the go! (I'm on the side of Strasbourg) thank you!

To go to Zapo

Ukraine International Airlines.
Brussels (stopover in Kiev) Dnipopetrovsk 340 Euro.
Then you continue by bus or train.
As to means your girlfriend, she can come and get you.

fly to Zaporozhye

I will also Zaporozhye, I flight with lufthansa, up by kiev Frankfurt or Munich dusseltorf or about € 200, and after kiev ukraine dnipropetrovsk with air enrivon € 200

marriage ukraine

Married Belgian of Ukraine? For I want to marry in Ukraine and impossible to have information.

the Ukrainian Embassy in brussels said he should contact the Belgian embassy in Kiev, the Kiev embassy said it takes contactact the ZAG. Zag and told me it takes only paper saying I am unmarried.

It takes the wedding certificate for french so I see no reason why it will be different for the Belgian.

any advice is welcome because I know what to do

advice for gait

usually for an unmarried can marry in any country n c is easy provided that he proves his celibacy and his identity by laglises and translated document, against a person divorced it gets more complicated.
you must contact the authority responsible for the wedding (notary or city hall or common) for it is at home that everything will play embassies are the only to legalize documents and visas and those same embassies are based on documents issued by city ​​halls or municipalities or notaries, you should know that laws change according to regions and municipalities and embassies do not know everything happening in locales.tu administrations can also contact a sworn translator who generally knows him such demarche has there are also translators bxl you can contact.

Marriage to a Belgian Ukraine.

liubov wrote Belgian married in Ukraine? For I want to marry in Ukraine and impossible to have information.

the Ukrainian Embassy in brussels said he should contact the Belgian embassy in Kiev, the Kiev embassy said it takes contactact the ZAG. Zag and told me it takes only paper saying I am unmarried.

It takes the wedding certificate for french so I see no reason why it will be different for the Belgian.

any advice is welcome because I know what to do

I am Belgian, married to Ivano-Frankivsk in July 2011. Documents requested:

Birth certificate, marriage certificate and passport capacity (all translated by sworn notary).

That's all.

Send your wife to the local zags, they will tell him. they require (it varies from zags to the other).

Best regards.

marry in ukraine

hello thank you for your info
How did you get your marriage paper capacity?

Embassy sent me brussels embassy to kiev, kiev sent me to zags.
Lviv consulate told me I should go to the town I live in Belgium or request documents

That day went the two women did not know too much, so I had a birth certificate and "certificate of residence for marriage" which states I am unmarried. Tomorrow I will do the apostille in brussels at Ministrère of Foreign Affairs. then have them translated by a notary in Ukraine.

Is it sufficient? The Zags just tells me the paper I said that I am unmarried but I read on forums everywhere wedding certificate.

Documents for marriage in Ukraine

The marige capacity certificate is to ask your comunale administration. Apparently, you have received.

UaDreams need to translate and apostille originals but also translations, do not forget.
You have the list of sworn translators on the site of the embassy in Belgium:

Personally, I use the services of Madame Bojko. She even occupies the certificates. The zags tell you the same thing to me. Copy of your passport and translation of it (at notary in Ukraine, it's good).
For my part, I had to bring my ticket, in addition, to justify the rapid procedure (married in 2 days).
Happy wedding!! ;)

Wedding in Ukraine following my adventures :(

I went to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had to the documents signed by Mr. Mayor and so UaDreams must rebuild the papers and I have to wait one month before the documents will then return to the brussels apostillise

the translation must be appostillée? I can not do the translation by a notary in Ukraine?


ukraine the site no longer exists

apostillise translation by foreign affairs? I doubt they appostillent a document in Ukrainian

Formalities Ukraine forum

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