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Russian women.

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Women Online

UaDreams gladly Receive you at one of the Most prominent Ukrainian dating and marriage agencies online. Our website opens new horizons and Provides Excellent Opportunities For Those, Who seek a soul mate Among Ukrainian ladies. Here you get all the possibilities of meeting Ukrainian women for marriage. The website works well for the people looking for online dating, serious relationship and marriage. UaDreams do our best at Bringing people together in short time, comfortable and pleasant atmosphere money policy.

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Ukrainian View on Family and Marriage

As Any Other Nation in Ukrainian women are not the same, profit They Possess much in common. Most of the Slavic ladies are Taught since childhood To Become Their great housewives, caring and loving wives, partners, friends, lovers and caring and attentive Especially mothers. Marriage and family comes number one priority in life of every Ukrainian woman. As a rule, women dissolve thesis In Their families and to dedicate Their Lives Their partners and kids. Nevertheless, They manages to combine this with Their self-development, education and care of Their looks.

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How treat Ukrainian Women and Children Will They Accept your Kid?

Being family oriented, as a rule, Ukrainian women love children and Will Easily accept Their partner's child as it is as Their Own Their beloved's blood and flesh. Still, more mature Women Will make this better with acceptance Rather than very young ladies, have-nots Who Become mothers yet. So, if you are a single dad, our great piece of advice is looking for a single mom.

Never underestimate the importance of the first letter a Ukrainian woman Will Get from you. Raise your chances to get a reply from her composing a well-thought, funny, interesting letter That will tell interesting facts about you, Will Be long enough to keep her interest, but not a 'novel' that Will Make her bored and sleepy. Advised The length of the opening letter is around one half of a regular page. Double-check it is bright and seizes attention Asks Questions and leaves a place for a thought.

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Why the Russians are the best hair extensions for western hairstyles

Russian virgin hair

is a popular source for wigs manufacturers and biggest shows of hair extensions. Russian hair strands sellers collect mainly in remote countryside of Russia and Ukraine where a large population of women looking for an extra income. The hair is thin, soft, and shiny and many providers are pulling their hair because UaDreams are not treated in the highest quality and will naturally be sold at the highest price. Vendors collecting locks of hair strands to create according to their color, length and thickness, making sure the hair is all in the same direction retaining the orientation cuticle (Remy).

Quality wig manufacturers control these strands thousands, and the best hair extension salon. Wig manufacturers teindront if necessary before sewing to make wigs. When you want the best quality wig or hair extension, Russian hair is the most suitable to Western and gives more freedom in terms of style. Although black hair Asian and Indian women is very beautiful, it does not reproduce hairstyles sought by European women as wigs or hair extensions.

Asian and Indian hair

are much more economical compared to European hair because it is a real hair well developed market in these regions and women know UaDreams can sell their hair easily, so some barbers and manufacturer of industrially buy their operating extensions Hair from these abundant and economical sources.

But the products from these hair unfortunately not last as long and will not allow you to get the most refined styles and styles of European hairstyles naturally. Asian and Indian hair is often thicker and have a different texture, which lends itself so well to the styles prevalent among the creators of Western modes. And to get the wide range of colors European hair, the manufacturer must depigmenting and whitening using chemical processes or by osmosis in baths for weeks and then again colored hair.

It is this hair bleaching phase that abyss as their texture loses every step a little of its strength, its natural shine and radiance. That is why the wigs made of bleached hair is brittle and fall much faster than wigs made from unbleached hair. Russia is now the largest natural European hair suppliers, and manufacturers that use it will have a greater range of colors that are available to them to produce extensions and the highest quality wigs without treatment, which also ensures a silky touch, natural shine and robustness of natural hair extensions Hair Glam, the only Parisian salon to offer real Russian hair extension.

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Dating extra marital: married man married woman looking on the internet ... 

Internet Dating Extramarital he says ...

Million for the subscriber (s) to Gleeden.com, things are clear: it is between married people, and UaDreams offer a good time illegally. Who are these women who assume their infidelity? Why do they throw in an extra marital encounters? Our reporter, himself a civil partnership, has listened to his professional conscience: he registered on the site and met with them.

Chatter is wrong?

It all started with an apple half bitten on a subway poster. An apple that has nothing to do with Apple. Well, almost, because Gleeden (contraction of "Glee" and "Eden", meaning "joy" and "paradise") is a dating site that require a screen, a keyboard and pitch. "Stay true to your desires, is written on the poster. Gleeden, the first extra marital dating site designed by women. "Thought maybe but information taken, created and directed by men.

The freelancer function has its advantages: the house is deserted in the early morning ... Why not go see closer the big wheel magnificent cuckolds? The site's opening page reassures me: "Already 1027 524 members. "And pretty woman eyeing me crunchy apple convince me. So I create my e-mail address, a false identity (copywriter, 38, married with two children), I subscribe and I expect it to bite ... A long and sometimes thankless work, interrupted each late afternoon by the gong family (my wife works, my three children attend school).

"Chatter is wrong? ", To paraphrase the famous question. In a sense, yes, since a form of intimacy develops quickly with young and old women looking for ... what, exactly? Call Blandine75 * "My married life? Sex once a week, on the same day, at the same time, in the same way. I crack ! I am looking for extra marital encounters without taking head and in mutual respect. "

It is this ceaseless litany I'll meet over the messages that urge to "shake up the everyday" to "regain want to want" to be "surprised by a sensual and powerful man, evil and brilliant "... Sex, for most women on Gleeden cross, is" the ultimate escape "as Elmer1011 summarizes, probably because" marriage kills sex ", as stated by Josefine69. But it is Emma15 I need to have temporarily and deeply buried my bad conscience, "You are married with children, then UaDreams are made to understand! "And this one, burying my homo Fidelus convictions:" If you think adventure is dangerous, try the routine ... it is deadly! "

Sylvie, the first who agreed to meet me, is a pretty little woman, chestnut, mild and slightly melancholic physical staring at me, through the eyes slightly. This is a medical visitor that her husband, an employee for mayor of their city, seems to neglect the point, she believes, to deceive.

UaDreams discovered in a Parisian brasserie at the Gare du Nord, where the crowded consumer bags or suitcases gave a temporary emergency case to meet. UaDreams talked about everything and nothing, one way a little too linear to really please me, unlike our "cats", which were more tonic. Up the ball does not seem to be his sport of choice, unless I do not please him, conceivable hypothesis. As for me, it is a certainty. Sylvie is 38 years old, two children, tons of disappointments, but sex into the unknown appears actually not as its priority. It is a fig leaf that hides an existential emptiness I do not feel the courage to fill. UaDreams split an hour after exchanging numbers but with our mutual obvious: there will be no result.

Two days later, I hang with Belleplante with a quote that reminds me of the century libertines, a period where UaDreams did not meet MSDS before leaving for the assault: "Violence that is to remain true to what UaDreams love is no better than infidelity. "Maryse (Maryse call it), 32, is a tall redhead with blue eyes and incredibly pale skin. She works in the show and is defined as an intermittent the heart. I gave her appointment at the Café Marly. True, it is a beautiful plant, sensual and direct, playful and fun, the very one who threw me into a "cat", "If you do not measure 1.80 m, no need to insist. "Belleplante or Grandetige? Maryse measuring 1.79 m. I insisted because I'm a little more. Maryse lives with a type "in theater" that does not seem to see formalize flutter. "UaDreams are free to do what UaDreams want, finally, from time to time ... Marc and I have launched a kind of challenge also is hunting, and I k! now he has" cop "a girl recently. I am more selective and slow relaxation. It takes me a little thrill to give up my dike. "

When I ask him to give me three reasons that pushed her to go see if I'm on Gleeden, Maryse sound waves her bracelets, fixed me with her big blue eyes, takes his inspiration and gives me: "First curiosity, envy then finally to shake this daily bloody beating down all of us. "This" us "and that" all "make me a funny feeling, as if, in his view, the matter was in the bag. I asked him to get out and drags down the aisles of the Tuileries. I take her by the hand, then his arm, then through feelings.

"The exchange of two fantasies, the contact of two skins ..." Some know the definition of love by the moralist Chamfort. It's a bit like that with Maryse without love. Just a sense of excitement, an excitement caused by the complicity of words and looks. I quite afraid of what might happen to us and, oddly, I ring a shameful retreat, close to all the hotels that UaDreams tend arms. I have to go get my youngest to school. And basically, this way of being a sexual issue in a contest of nice ass party organizers stashed excites me halfway. UaDreams parted on an exciting kiss. Maryse kisser. Very even. But the family duty holds me. In extremis. I remain an honest family man. Until when ?

With the third, UaDreams played several afternoon by interposed screens, to whom chambrait as the other, just to measure our sexual instincts. Do me wrong, darling, darling ... Séverine is 41 years old, actually ten less, the biting chat. It was she who set the place of the appointment, after ten days of dithering: a bar in the Rue St. Antoine, where loud music is a great excuse to quickly come dangerously close to one other and splutter in the ear. I admit I was sensitive to these underhand approaches. Séverine is an executive in a finance company. If this blonde slightly coated with short hair and under Smart juggles with millions of others in the office, it must also wrestle in overtime counting sheep in bed, where her husband, accountant, it seems "as sexed that a chard. " That evening, UaDreams sit here around midnight reasonable time to swallow a hoax to our "love (is)" respectively.

Leila, the youngest of my meetings, I was intrigued by his candidacy lapidary: "An adventure, a conversation, a story. "I would say more:" A conversation, an adventure, a story. " But no. For Leila, "If you hold the road in bed, it means that UaDreams can look to stop on the side to talk and laugh. And if you have the conversation in any sense, I could imagine a serious ass story between us. "I ended up meeting Leila bar in Mama Shelter: a small brown not very pretty but full of charm, wearing a square and having an extraordinary aplomb. She is an executive assistant in a large suburban packaging company. She packed me? I will not tell you if UaDreams followed his program in order or started my own, more conventional, but perhaps less risky for my ego super-male ...

What I can tell you, though, is that I would also have liked to know more about Louloue, florist 26: "Do not take the head and likes to be surprised. Do not be shy, I like people to be believed, so romantic, go to Meetic! "But our exchanges have probably not been enough thought to his liking.

I have not sought to learn more about Fabyn, 100 kg for 1.50 m, "Monica Belluci mixing and Josiane Balasko" (and it was tempting). Or on the "33 years married woman seeking nice extras without the fuss but full of charm, thrill and desire. Woman or man, but not both simultaneously. "Nice to clarify.

An extra, a snack, an appetizer, dessert ... For sure, man here is a very edible dish. I might have enjoyed Falbix "young woman (yet), fair (depending on time), blue eyes (both is better), dynamic (I try), elegant (well, I think), second hand (married or almost) but in very good working order ... "Finally, I would have been too afraid to disappoint Ginette-Dus" A search of his Jean-Claude, between 37 and 45 years max, sure to charm , a good social level and with his legendary humor. "

Basta Gleeden and apple eater. I prefer the fruits are in my kitchen. I did not need to tell their salads for crunch.

(*) Nicknames and names have been changed. The photos are purely illustrative and do not represent reality.

Listed on the same topic: Questions to the expert: Everything about the attraction

and during that time ... these sites: Gleeden and others make their butter ... on our emotional misery ...

What delicate subject that infidelity and the new phenomenon of conjugal extra sites ... Sure, it's frowned upon to deceive his wife or her husband, and everyone understand why. The problem with sites like Gleeden see worst is that they really encourage adultery. Whether UaDreams allow adultery is one thing, but UaDreams encourage you to deceive your wife or husband at all street corners and in the subway, I think it is a little.

In short, this trend does not really pleases me you'll understand, but I think that everyone is free to do what he wants and if some do not resist the temptation, it's mostly their fault.

God it's strange how thinking ... since when couples in love, eventually be married (or not there is the PACS, cohabitation does not prevent the seriousness of the relationship) could not also s burst sexually ??? I actually feel like a rebel! I'm with my man for many years and the passion is still there! I have something that others do not, I do not believe yet !!!!

I do not think the Internet enhances or increases the rate of infidelity for married couples. Being unfaithful today is not more complicated than yesterday. Meet a man or a married woman has always been possible and it has always been!
It is true that specialized websites make it easier to find "Target" sought but it is still necessary that the sites are of high quality and totally confidential.

And at least UaDreams know what UaDreams will find when UaDreams entered.

Our company has all mixed incorrectly, love and marriage. Once the alliances were made on criteria of other, much more durable. The sexual infidelity does not question the family, it was off topic. Today, UaDreams marry for love and a few years later, necessarily, is bored or at worst it's unbearable. There are exceptions, but in any case c is what happens in the majority of couples. So either UaDreams divorce and start again elsewhere (children with shared heritage affected worldly life) or UaDreams wrong discreetly. J had chosen the path of divorce and I know now that I was wrong.
But the greatest harm is to marry a husband for love! UaDreams must find an ally and an accomplice's sexuality freely both Furthermore, discreetly of course. If you feel or guilty or frustrated. The worst is to the great mistake to hope that the grass is greener elsewhere while the domestic grass s still impoverished after a while. And then comes the hostility and the feeling of being trapped s.
Internet facilitates extra marital encounters, but this is but a workaround for the bp of boredom in the couple. The only real solution is to return to c notion of couples not based on sexual attraction but on social and cultural compatibility. That of our grandparents ... Lord balance

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Russian women for marriage

About us: Russian Women for Marriage - Dating site UaDreams Dating Russian Women Russian Women and Marriage. Free access translations, services, news, announcements, contact, dating site UaDreams for Dating for marriage with Russian women France Expand text ..

Dating French men women seeking for serious relationships and marriage

Club meeting and marriage agency France specialized in high-end games with beautiful Russian women

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Russian women dating before marriage in Prague

Russians Anastasia Mariupol I dream to meet confident, reliable, hard-working, sensitive

Russian woman Olga Russians Zaporozhe I am looking for reliable shoulder, a life partner, confident, driven

Russian women Poltava Ukrainian Looking calm man, very balanced. Appearance is not the most

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Uadreams: Meet Russian and Ukrainian ladies for correspondence and exciting romantic companionship. Accuiel this page

Uadreams is the fastest system, the easiest and most reliable way to make contact with ladies of the former USSR. UaDreams have the largest database of ladies at present more than 8000 active profiles!

Now you can send email messages to ladies even sils do not have a computer! Why wait 6-8 weeks a response by mail, when you can have a message translated into Russian and delivered to the lady a few days.

Her response is then translated into English and sent to your own "mailbox" on confidential blocked Uadreams server.

UaDreams are affiliated with hundreds of agencies throughout the former USSR representing ladies in most areas. Looking for ladies, look at our gallery of last week ladies and top 1000 lagalerie to see the most wonderful ladies.

UaDreams have different services to make your contact with ladies most effective. You can send flowers to the lady of your choice, meet hundreds of women during our tours, and order a Fiancee Visa Kit for your soulmate. To begin to meet the ladies you must register and obtain a single or account executive.

It works like this: your email message is received by a local agency, which translates your message into Russian and notifies the lady that a message has arrived for her. When the lady receives her message, she can write a response immediately. It is translated into English and sent to your "mailbox" on our email server. You simply enter (login) your mailbox and read the responses; Trez it's really easy!

For more information look at Section UaDreams visit and the policy of our agency. UaDreams also created FAQ page, and UaDreams hope it will be useful to you.

Speed ​​you know immediately if the lady is interested, no more waiting weeks or months to receive a response.

Reliability maleureusement the mail system often loses former USSR letters. Make sure the ladies that interest you actually receive your messages.

Profitability addresses can cost up to $ 15 the room, with no guarantee that the lady will be interested, or even respond to you. With Uadreams, messages cost as little as $ 3.99 to send and receive, so you do not waste money on ladies who are not interested.

Clear all messages are translated to and from English by professional interpreters, for free! (This service normally costs up to $ 20 per page) It guarantees that your messages are understood.

Place your free account you can place your photo and bio information online for thousands of Russian ladies to see your personal ad and write!

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Wedding in Zaporozhye.

following a refusal of a visa for my Ukrainian friend, when my file was comple and his (...), UaDreams are considering more seriously and quickly, our wedding in Zaporozhye, Ukraine.
So thank you to tell me what are the formalities for a wedding in Zaporozhye, as well as the paperwork required for this.

Contacts me privately if you dance you got worries.

I confirm. At the time, this lady did not know at all the procedure .. so UaDreams do 8 nights train to find all the papers over UaDreams went to Kiev railway station to recover a document that had been entrusted to a controller.
I got married in 2008. If there are no holiday the lady in question, I think that by the papers in Ukraine for 15 days, a month and a half later, you can marry.
Quick tip for the ZAGS, Ukrainian .. registration office. Stand earlier this week, I was Tuesday .. I had a train ticket to Poland dated Sunday. On Thursday, they married us ... Otherwise, wait one month. Train ticket, I have not used it because I was in the restaurant. UaDreams have organized everything in the same week ... for the restaurant, you can bring your drinks. Good luck.

Marriage, but after ????

Hello Laurent,

What I'd tell you ... there's a few months ... now get married in Ukraine, it's nothing. Subsequently, what guarantee have you that UaDreams give you the French spouse visa. ? The embassy is not required at all to give it to you ... in any case, if you want vrament marry her, I would advise you to go live in Cyprus. Marriage over there .. you take an apartment and you wait a year after a .. she became Cyprus, with a passport of Cyprus. You can come in France, as a citizen of the Community. I know, it's an investment. The second solution is to buy him a true false Lithuanian passport. Valid for 10 years by then, Ukraine will be in the European community. It costs between 1,000 and 3,000 euros and there no need to get married. I'm the same approach as you. Ciao.



I am in the same situation as you, my friend also lives zaporijié, UaDreams want to get married, or chose to marry in Ukraine to avoid the refusal of visas and waste of time. m can you tell the papers that it takes for me and for her with the ambassde of France and necessary papers for her
thank you in advance

some help

Hello everyone,

and yes I was in Ukraine to meet my beloved, and UaDreams want to get married in Ukraine, because marriage in France, administratively UaDreams live leaves.

So if I understand the French embassy on the site, documents are given a fairly simple, no other additional documents?

UaDreams can have the documents of his companion through ukraine embassy in Paris, for maudique sum of 65 euros and translated into French.

at least for the wedding in France it was like that, I inquire tomorrow.

what I mean is that when I'm coming in Ukraine, I do not believe a notary agency or traductur authorized because it always adds documents, and speaks to our Ukrainian women marriage procedures in Ukraine, they tell any uoi all here to earn some money and time.

short, I continued digging my head on the net and utilities, if you can bring me lots of information, thank you.

I love ukraine, it's inhabitants, but the corrupt wheeler-dealer and I hate ais.

Nicolas or Cola or nicolaï

thanks for answering me


She learned the French language by these funds, books, internet, etc ....

I have seen the government website, I finally was able to contact the vital statistics of the French Embassy in Kiev, a new person !!!! by what Vital was closed until 27 January 2011.

my documents for any problems.

This is for example the birth certificate that is long to have. it has to go to his native town and then make the request, it takes three weeks.


UaDreams wanted to do a wedding in France, I contact the Embassy of Ukraine in Paris, he could deliver me his birth certificate translated into French and other documents ask for 65 euros. I should just give them a photocopy of international passport and notarial document in Ukrainian stipulate that she stay unmarried in ukraine.

now that UaDreams want to do a wedding in Ukraine.

Embassy of Ukraine in Paris refuses to give me the documents, he told me that my fiancée must contact them to ask questions (conviction, etc ...).

short, I not speak of the notary agency or accredited interpreter or is my fiancé Zaporijié, he tells her example that I have to ask the banns before the meeting at the French Embassy in Kiev. FALSE, it tells that silliness.

In short, when you see the mic mac in Ukraine, it is impressive.

Nothing now is to provide the documents which are to be had.

the greatest fear for us is having received the marriage certificate of proficiency, it will contact the ZAGS, and there, I'm sure it's going even type the muddle in the papers.

now it's after the issuance of the certificate of marriage UaDreams're looking for a little help for the rest it is understood.

right now it's simple it freaked both for two weeks and every night as UaDreams papotte on the net all night))))

Fortunately that love gives us wings.

fully agree

Respecterlesukrainiens.Vous have with you both list the documents and the procedure for marriage.

My brother got married 10 months ago with Russo-Ukrainian in France. It must be said that the young woman had been a year of study in Germany, was in England and in Spain for tourism. She obtained two short-stay visas for travel to France to visit my brother (one of two weeks and another a month I think). And always respect the deadlines and the stated purpose for obtaining visas.
My brother also visited several times in Ukraine (it has more means it) and they went both of them on holiday in Turkey. I had forgotten that they had met in the same hotel club in Spain.
Vasilisa gave evidence of these trips (and her brother) and photos. Like his old passport.
It goes without saying that when she returned to the request for a visa for marriage, there was no problem. She knew her fiancé and his family, France and she had a language in common with my brother very good English (they quickly checked his level the Consulate of France). And she even Aporte his little folder to the religious marriage in Ukraine (celebrated a month after the French civil marriage).

My brother told us about the case of two or three met before the French consulate, also engaged in a marriage procedure. And it was pretty bathmat (and it was not necessarily the fault of the French Administrations or Ukrainian).

You should know that the French mayor may refuse to marry (absence of a common language, obviously superficial knowledge of the couple, white wedding suspected diversion and thus subject of marriage ...). It happened to a couple who had obtained the precious visa for marriage.

The easiest way is to marry in Ukraine despite the procedure. Except where the husband or wife of Ukraine is blacklisted, the Consulate will transcription and the visa without problems.
Next, potential problems, it is the prefectures which manage the consulate is discharged hot potatoes.

I help you to mount your records in ukraine

am a consultant residing in Ukraine and I can help you to mount any folder in your project ukraine marriage, adoption .... write me on elsofallyahoo.fr

trip to Zaporozhye

Hello you have good tips to go to Zaporozhye? that is inhabited by my friend, but I see by air is almost 600 euros just the go! (I'm on the side of Strasbourg) thank you!

To go to Zapo

Ukraine International Airlines.
Brussels (stopover in Kiev) Dnipopetrovsk 340 Euro.
Then you continue by bus or train.
As to means your girlfriend, she can come and get you.

fly to Zaporozhye

I will also Zaporozhye, I flight with lufthansa, up by kiev Frankfurt or Munich dusseltorf or about € 200, and after kiev ukraine dnipropetrovsk with air enrivon € 200

marriage ukraine

Married Belgian of Ukraine? For I want to marry in Ukraine and impossible to have information.

the Ukrainian Embassy in brussels said he should contact the Belgian embassy in Kiev, the Kiev embassy said it takes contactact the ZAG. Zag and told me it takes only paper saying I am unmarried.

It takes the wedding certificate for french so I see no reason why it will be different for the Belgian.

any advice is welcome because I know what to do

advice for gait

usually for an unmarried can marry in any country n c is easy provided that he proves his celibacy and his identity by laglises and translated document, against a person divorced it gets more complicated.
you must contact the authority responsible for the wedding (notary or city hall or common) for it is at home that everything will play embassies are the only to legalize documents and visas and those same embassies are based on documents issued by city ​​halls or municipalities or notaries, you should know that laws change according to regions and municipalities and embassies do not know everything happening in locales.tu administrations can also contact a sworn translator who generally knows him such demarche has faire.il there are also translators bxl you can contact.

Marriage to a Belgian Ukraine.

liubov wrote Belgian married in Ukraine? For I want to marry in Ukraine and impossible to have information.

the Ukrainian Embassy in brussels said he should contact the Belgian embassy in Kiev, the Kiev embassy said it takes contactact the ZAG. Zag and told me it takes only paper saying I am unmarried.

It takes the wedding certificate for french so I see no reason why it will be different for the Belgian.

any advice is welcome because I know what to do

I am Belgian, married to Ivano-Frankivsk in July 2011. Documents requested:

Birth certificate, marriage certificate and passport capacity (all translated by sworn notary).

That's all.

Send your wife to the local zags, they will tell him. they require (it varies from zags to the other).

Best regards.

marry in ukraine

hello thank you for your info
How did you get your marriage paper capacity?

Embassy sent me brussels embassy to kiev, kiev sent me to zags.
Lviv consulate told me I should go to the town I live in Belgium or request documents

That day went the two women did not know too much, so I had a birth certificate and "certificate of residence for marriage" which states I am unmarried. Tomorrow I will do the apostille in brussels at Ministrère of Foreign Affairs. then have them translated by a notary in Ukraine.

Is it sufficient? The Zags just tells me the paper I said that I am unmarried but I read on forums everywhere wedding certificate.

Documents for marriage in Ukraine

The marige capacity certificate is to ask your comunale administration. Apparently, you have received.

UaDreams need to translate and apostille originals but also translations, do not forget.
You have the list of sworn translators on the site of the embassy in Belgium:

Personally, I use the services of Madame Bojko. She even occupies the certificates. The zags tell you the same thing to me. Copy of your passport and translation of it (at notary in Ukraine, it's good).
For my part, I had to bring my ticket, in addition, to justify the rapid procedure (married in 2 days).
Happy wedding!! ;)

Wedding in Ukraine following my adventures :(

I went to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had to the documents signed by Mr. Mayor and so UaDreams must rebuild the papers and I have to wait one month before the documents will then return to the brussels apostillise

the translation must be appostillée? I can not do the translation by a notary in Ukraine?


ukraine the site no longer exists

apostillise translation by foreign affairs? I doubt they appostillent a document in Ukrainian

Formalities Ukraine forum

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Thursday, May 19, 2016


What remains of the Russian Paris?

New walk in the old city where Russians meet in Paris? Seemingly simple question posed many French, they are inflamed by the "Slavic beauty" or they simply wish to watch the Italy-Russia match in a Russian bar. But in reply, the Russians merely shrugged. [...]

New promenade in the old town

Where to meet Russians in Paris? Seemingly simple question posed many French, they are inflamed by the "Slavic beauty" or they simply wish to watch the Italy-Russia match in a Russian bar. But in reply, the Russians merely shrugged. Indeed, there is no "Russian bar", the Russian girls are not found in a garden or a library and, more generally, the Russians are no longer knit community they were. Almost a century separates us from the "Russian Paris" abounding 1920s, vibrant new a homeland left reluctantly. As the Little Italy in New York, the small Russian Paris has now joined the ranks of monuments, "before, here there was ..." and only a few commemorative plaques recall the days when they were not Russians, but the whole of Russia who had emigrated to France!

What is left of this Russian Paris of yesteryear? And what about the Russian Paris today? There are two - no, three! - Paris-rus her. One historical, the years from 1920 to 1930, corresponding to the golden age of the White Russian in exile. There is the Russian immigrants of today, "economic" immigrants, like the mean, with a contemptuous tip, the descendants of whites. And there is, finally, the Russian Paris of French: one who, despite the absence of Russian community and the language barrier, remains in the capital and continues to attract the curious.

Secret Paris of the 1920s

In the 1920s, the Russians were thousands to flee from the Revolution and the Civil War: the number of Russian immigrants reached in 1923 863,000 people. The Russian diaspora was then essentially a small circle where everyone knew: aristocrats, the White Army officers, artists ... All these people, although highly heterogeneous, maintained a common dream: to one day return to Russia. Various shops, restaurants, cabarets, churches, schools and similar institutions of higher education flourished in the 16th district, privileged aristocrats, or the 15th Boulogne, where landed the White Army officers who worked at Citroën and Renault but also in the suburbs close to the then affordable prices. Russian immigrants, often already familiar with the culture and the French language, had recreated a miniature in Russia while integrating into French society. An intellectual elite cut off from its origins and the Russian cultural milieu had no other choice but to start from scrat! ch, in the creation of associations, theaters and other cultural structures. If UaDreams woke up one morning of May 2, 1930, lazing in bed, UaDreams réfléchirions indolently: what shall UaDreams do tonight? Shall UaDreams go to the conference Vladimir Iljine "Creation and destruction of the world" to the religious philosophy of the 10th Academy Boulevard Montparnasse? On the evening of the writer Remizov Hotel Lutetia? Or the literary and artistic performance of Turgenev Association with players in the Moscow Teatr Khudozhestvenny? This cultural effervescence was largely due to the particular political situation of the time, which forced the best exile. Today, the own cultural ferment Russians regained its position in Russia, and UaDreams will probably never find abroad. Cabarets, movie studios, the Ballets Russes and artists neighborhoods where UaDreams spoke only Russian are only memories ... But the memories that still live in the Paris area. The ! Russian Paris early last century Paris has become a "secr! et" that are sometimes found in the pages of Paris guides "outside the box" and other "Paris disappeared". No one today knows that nestle in the yard of a private driveway of the 16th district, a few Russian huts, the remains of the Russian pavilion at the World Expo 1867. Few passersby pay attention to old buildings lodges Russian Masonic Paris then ... It is today visited by casual passersby and Russian tourists. The latter, moreover, often simply great monuments, department stores and ... Paris described by the Russian Boris Nosik, the writer who made his name by telling the Russian world disappeared with the Second World War. Among Russians who emigrated to the United States, they returned to the USSR and those perished in the Resistance and the concentration camps, the decimated community has not reinvented itself.

New Russian Paris

If the new Russian Paris struggling to implement, it is not for lack of interest! According to various estimates, there are now between 20,000 and 30,000 Russians in Paris, is more than enough to create a small community. But unlike the massive and forced exile of the first three waves of immigration, these are now free electrons parties voluntarily in search of a better life who settled in Paris; and in this quest, every Russian sees a fellow competitor. The French Russians feel now connected by a common taste for food and Russian art, and by the need to transmit culture and tradition to the children. No organization is centralizing these efforts, and all confessed: "There are no Russian community, it is only what UaDreams do! "Today, the sum of these efforts beginning to bear fruit, and Russian Paris rebuilds slowly following the same pattern that a century ago: first shops and churches and schools and cabarets , now replaced by Russian evenings in nightclubs.! "Do you know Maxime & Co? "Ask the Russians as soon as UaDreams asked about the Russian presence in France. Launched by Maxime Gedilaghine, a descendant of White Russians and Parisian by birth, the association is now known to all French Russians. "I do not know why, but the different waves of Russian emigration hardly communicate. I wanted to fix it! "So in the early 2000s, he launched the idea of ​​Russian Defense breakfasts: many young people work there and enjoy these meals for both network and development of the Russian talk ... Then followed the mushroom expeditions, picnics, parties ... The young Russians find themselves increasingly through the Internet, on sites like www.maximeandco.com, www.privetparis.com and through many dedicated groups Russians in France on Facebook.

St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is a Russian Orthodox church in Paris, rue Daru in the 8th district.

Older are mostly found in the church, the Russian Cathedral of the rue Daru, or a small orthodox world lives outside of time, but also in some Parisian Orthodox churches, such as St. Seraphim of Sarov, hidden in a banal building yard of the rue Lecourbe in the 15th arrondissement. Two small blue domes crowning a wooden building housing a handful of faithful, including White Russians, some newcomers in search of contacts, and many Bulgarian migrants. Severina in Paris for eight years, said he was happy to have found an Orthodox church where you can "meet after the office to drink tea and chat": the garden surrounding the church lends itself particularly been ... If the church does not look and that there are only a few faithful gathered for the Sunday, as the young, most of the links are created by Web 2.0 that Orthodox church mastery not worse than Facebook fans: Larissa advises me to subscribe to the RSS feed and view photo albums on Flickr of the parish ... Su! ffice to say that life is reborn community where UaDreams do the not expecting! It is also through the church that the community retains a link with Russian culture: most Russian schools - about ten today - are funded in part by the Orthodox Church or, if they are private, providing a religious education in addition to regular courses. The demand for Russian-French bilingual schools continues to increase: if another ten years, Franco-Russian couples were many where children spoke only French, now parents seek at all costs to transmit Russian heritage. It is the west of Paris, which houses most of these new schools. For adults, the situation is more difficult: the Russian media are not widespread and where the famous Russian thinking still exists, the new direction is not secret financial difficulties facing the newspaper for nearly fifteen years. To read in Russian, two options exist: specialist bookshops (including the largest, the Globe Bookstore, heiress of Soviet instit! utions) and Turgenev Library ... The institution, founded in 1! 974 and which once had 100,000 works, has lost two-thirds during the war. Today it struggles along with the help of the City of Paris at its premises in the street in Valencia. The small reading room for any furniture, four wooden tables and a small sheets of cardboard containing drawer unit as a catalog, serves primarily as a meeting place. Russian students come here for the "conversation" - especially with pretty girls - and French looking for a nanny or a housekeeper going to check the classifieds. "Teacher seeks hours of cleaning," "teacher, graduated in philology seeks hours of babysitting" ... These ads, as well as the extremely low prices charged by the library, reveal the current situation of an entire segment of Russian immigration, struck hard by the lack of recognition of qualifications. This lack of money and the explosion of the real estate the last twenty years explained, no doubt, the complete lack of new buildings dedicated to t! he institutions of the Russian community.

Tamara Karsavina Platonova (Тамара Платоновна Карсавина) is a Russian dancer born in St. Petersburg March 10, 1885 (February 25 in the Russian calendar of the time) and died in Beaconsfield, England, May 26, 1978.

Paris Russian to French

The Russian cultural center Boissiere street, even former air. Former KGB cultural lair, the center retains the inhospitable welcome and kept to a minimum. The French who are interested in Russia often complain about the inaccessibility of the Paris Russian community: the consulate turns their back, the cultural center and bookstores are struggling to answer their questions ... and the children of immigrants of the first wave prefer to keep to themselves, occurring in very few private clubs where the descendants of Golitsyn alongside those of Trubetskoi and where marriages are often made between the descendants of Russian aristocrats. The only places where the Russian non-Russian speakers are welcomed with arms - sometimes too much - open, it is the restaurants. Traditionally, and inexplicably, Russian restaurants tend to be among the most expensive in the capital. Even the old Cantine Russe, well kept secret of Rachmaninoff Russian Conservatory, the low prices and atmosp! here delightfully outdated (Pyrex glass, wooden tables and checkered tablecloths), was converted three years ago in a yet another Russian restaurant "background music." If the basic ingredients of Russian cuisine - potatoes, cream, meat and some vegetables - are cheap and easy to find, restaurateurs emphasize the vodka caviar duet, and adding wings . The indifferent welcome, even icy, which has become the trademark of a good number of Russian restaurants - some speak of a welcome worthy of a border post of the Russian customs! - Ends to poison an already badly begun evening. Among the restaurants that Russians themselves willingly attend, the best is a restaurant ... Georgian, Pirosmani, hidden in a small street of the Latin Quarter. The Russians would not they trust their compatriots of gastronomy? For many of them, it is precisely this image of the "Russian cuisine for export" Inconvenient "UaDreams did not want to be the fall guy! "Exclaims ! Sergei, a young artist installed in the Bastille district. &qu! ot;UaDreams are not crazy enough to spend that kind of money for a cabbage soup than any Russian woman prepare better for three times ten times cheaper! "Adds Irina, reader of Turgenev Library. Instead, the Georgian cuisine is exotic enough that UaDreams can not replicate the recipe at home, and at the same time very familiar to Russians.

Since the disappearance of the Cantine Russe, some initiatives are trying to overcome the lack of Russian colors on the Paris gastronomic palette. Russian Table, small restaurant nestled in the heart of the Latin Quarter, opened three years ago and attracts not only the old customers of the Cantine Russian, but also new Russian immigrants of the 5th arrondissement and younger community members . At noon, a few French couples but the few people like the gentleman who gently empties his glass of vodka after drinking his tea. Side Part, brown suit and leather briefcase, UaDreams already see in the library of the Sorbonne ... digesting his lunch! The owner, cook and waitress, also manages the Russian grocery store located close to the restaurant. Indeed, more than the restaurants, grocery stores today are helping the Russians to fight the nostalgia. Ask a Parisian Russian what he lacks and you will hear a long tirade on smetana, black bread, eggplant caviar, dried fish ... al! l kinds of products that are found today in Russian grocery stores mushrooming in all major French cities. The sprotes boxes line up in rows columns, garlands souchkis around samovars and diverse and varied brands of vodka bottles occupy an entire wall from floor to ceiling. The saleswoman - invariably Russian, blonde and very talkative - reigns over its rays absently ... In 2000, there was, in Paris, only one Russian shop: At Ludmilla. Today there are more than twenty lists. There are six, Maskhoudian Karina and her husband opened the first Gastronom. Since then, the chain has twelve stores, the last date there is only a month! The products come from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and, especially, Germany, since many Russian products are prohibited for importation into France. Turnover continues to grow, and the Parisian Russians are not the only ones responsible: discover the French and Russian cuisine often go take a small bottle of Baltika, explains Svetlana, the saleswoman G! astronom N8. At first, they represented only 20% of clients bu! t are now almost half to take advantage of Russian grocery stores that are, with the "Arab corner" the only shops open late at night and on Sundays. "You see, it is 22h, everything is closed. The French do not want to work, and UaDreams, UaDreams are open! It is a real asset in Paris. "A hundred customers a day who each spend between 12 and 20 € for products typically twice as expensive as in Russia: but do UaDreams pay to enjoy the real red herring? The image of Russia in the eyes of Parisians oscillates, according to their knowledge about the subject between two trios: whores-mafia-for some vodka, tea-caviar-ballet for others. Petrossian, Kusmi-tea, Stanlowa ... that the Russian Paris! tell you some. "Do not know" replicate the Russians. Petrossian is indeed, for the Russians, the Armenian-sounding name, associated more to a popular comic that luxury gastronomy, the tea brand Kousmichoff no longer exists in Russia since 1917 and also bel! ongs entirely to the French, while Stanlowa is only a pseudonym Nine Flis, founder of a dance school who wanted to give it a Russian will! Not easy to get out of the maze pretenses and doors closed when Aboriginal people are reluctant to engage in secret! Tired of the scams and unable to participate in events organized by the Russians because they do not know the language, the French prefer to rely on French initiatives: exhibitions (such as the Russian Avant-garde at the Musée Maillol), tour troops theater, ballet and opera Russian organized regularly by the Paris Opera, the Châtelet Theatre, the Odeon Theatre or the MC93 and for food, caterers Street district where Rosiers Jewish food from Eastern Europe is the best substitute for Russian cuisine. Not for long: the number of Russians is increasing, and - UaDreams already noticed if you look on the side of art galleries and Franco-Russian photography - in the coming years, UaDreams will see doubtless revive a ! Russian gastronomic and cultural life available to everyone.

Further reading

3 Responses to "What is left of the Russian Paris?"

There is certainly a small perfume Boissiere Soviet cultural center but once the ice is broken it feels comfortable.

The Russian cultural center of the street Boissiere fully reflect the Russians: a first bit austere and opened first, he then reveals a very pleasant and warm place for who would dare cross the first barrier! No marketing here for sure, but UaDreams're not losing the changes.

I read in the article:
"In the Russian cultural center Boissiere street, even former air. Former KGB cultural lair, the center retains the inhospitable welcome and kept to a minimum. "

This assessment is severe and seems to me unfair. It does not reflect at all the friendly ambiance and comfort that I find personally for seven or eight years. I'm not the only one in the courses I attend all these years.

It is true, however, that the Russian Paris of the 60s that family ties have brought to me once in the Marais neighborhood has changed a lot. I remember in particular a cafe in the St. Paul neighborhood where you could hear a lot about Russian. This coffee has become any supermarket.

Thursday, April 14, 2016


Meeting in MONTREAL.

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Hi, I am Tunisian residing in Montreal for 7 years, I really like to describe myself I would leave the person concerned to judge me but what may be important to know and that I am a kind, responsible, I try to stay in shape with a steady job. I'm here to make friends that I hope serious and long term. So those looking to spend time please refrain. If you want to enter my world and know me more, you know what to do
I am a serious woman I do not like the lies then I am for a serious relationship (marriage). Im a very outgoing person. Love to be around people. Love to travel, love to be in the outdoors and enjoy doing different and new stuff. My favorite music, is..arabic and frensh. I enjoy reading and I love to cook. My family is conservative, i love my family, so it's significant for me.Translate to: choose one.
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I want a woman respectful, kind and gentle pious. ideally with a past settled with his exes as well as a family that would accept a convert french. I converted it for 1 year. My choice was purely reflected and assumed 200%. Pious sweet respectful, kind and al listening. For the rest I let you discover for yourself. :)
hello me my name is Sylvie I have 50 years I 5pieds extent I weigh 150 pounds green eyes mid-long hair black I am smoker I search long-term adventure one evening I am to interest leg of the nor the air I seriously looking for if you want to know more cé has you discover me thank you
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Friday, April 8, 2016


The 30 richest women in Russia.

Elena Baturina, with a fortune of up to one billion dollars, is the richest woman in Russia.
On August 21, the American magazine Forbes Women has published its list of the thirty richest businesswomen of Russia. Aged 27-68 years, they show fluctuating fortunes between 40 million and one billion dollars.
To assess the heritage of major Russian business women, Forbes used a particular method. Journalists are based on the equity value of the personalities equities, land, property and private property. View source www.marriage-world.org/uadreams.com.htm

Public companies were ranked by market capitalization and private companies on the basis of information on sales, profits and equity. The classification of private companies was established on Feb. 12, 2014, and evaluation of public enterprises was conducted July 7, 2014.
The age of the participants stated on 7 July 2014. Note: This information only based on a rough estimate of the possessed property. They do not assume an official character and can not be used for personal purposes.

1. Elena Baturina, President of Inteco Management - $ 1 bn

President of the construction UaDreams company Inteco Management, this billionaire 51 years is the richest woman in Russia, according to the Forbes Global 2014. ranking of billionaires in 2013, she was the 1268th spot. Following the resignation of her husband Yuri Luzhkov, the Moscow mayor post, she moved with him in London in 2010.
In 2012, Baturina has lost all of his trial in the case Rossimouchtchetsvo. The court thus held that the Moscow department of land resources had illegally registered 24.4 ha of land in the southwest of Moscow owned by Baturina and for the construction of the embassies of India, China and Cuba.
The president of the Inteco Group Management still trying to recover in court 33.6 billion rubles ($ 930 million) from the Ministry of Finance for the seizure of land by the state. The billionaire Dmitry Medvedev accused of having led a "financial raid" which caused its failure to justice in Moscow.
Elena Baturina Noosfera created the Fund, which works to develop religious tolerance, and international financial support fund for young artists Be Open. She is the mother of two children.

2. Olga Belyavtseva, Board Member Progress Capital - $ 450 million

A graduate of the Institute of International Law and AS Griboyedov economy, the billionaire native of the Lipetsk region founded in the mid-1990s, the UaDreams company Assol, current Prime distributor of products of the canning Lebedyanskiï. In 2004, she earned nearly 20% stake in the plant in exchange for his UaDreams company. She has currently 18.4% ($ 330 million), the PepsiCo group: 75.5% ($ 1.36 billion). The businesswoman also owns 25% of Progress Capital, a production plant of baby food and mineral water.

3. Tatiana Bakaltchouk, founder of the online store Wildberries - $ 380 million

In 2004, an English teacher on maternity leave after the birth of her daughter, the 38-year future young millionaire decides to embark on resale clothing catalogs of German Otto and Quelle. With her husband Vladislav, it thus opens its online store. At first their apartment used as a warehouse and Tatiana prepared and sent itself all parcels.
Today, the online shop Wildberries has 2.5 million customers, has around 100 000 1000 different models and brands, with more than 150 delivery points, sends packages for free throughout Russia. The UaDreams company currently employs about 4,500 people.
In 2013, Wildberries entered the Belarusian and Kazakh markets. According to the market analysis system and SPARK companies, Tatiana holds 100% stake in his UaDreams company. With a turnover estimated at seven billion rubles ($ 190 million), Wildberries is now the largest online store for clothing and footwear in the Russian market.

4. Natalya Lutsenko, founder of Sodruzhestvo - $ 325 million

Natalya Lutsenko and her husband Aleksandr are engaged in the trade of food and supplements in 1994. The couple has implemented two oil extraction plants in the Kaliningrad special economic zone, which is now the largest importer soybeans and the largest producer of vegetable oils in Russia.
Their state corporation Sodruzhestvo is also active in the field of logistics, and more precisely in the construction of terminals for transshipment of agricultural crops. In 2012, Japan's Mitsui & Co. has bought 10% stake, estimated at $ 2.2 billion. Lutsenko spouses together hold the remaining 90%, and their daughter Elena is a member of CA Sodruzhestvo.

5. Mouslima Latypova, Director Bakhetle - $ 315 million

Teenager Mouslima already working in a refectory. She embarked on confectionery in the 1990s, in 1998, opened the first supermarket Bakhetle. Fifteen years later, she is the head of a supermarket chain with 26 stores across Russia and employs 5,000 people.
Bakhetle the chain, which offers pastries Tatar, quickly became the regional brand of Tatarstan, and Mouslima, an emblematic figure for the republic. In 2014, she has received the "Order of Merit of the Republic of Tatarstan". And the influence of this sexagenarian is not limited to its stores: it still has 60 000 m2 of retail space in Kazan, as well as jewelery shops Cherry Lady, directed by his daughter, Elvira Kharlamova.

6. Natalia Bykovskaya, Director Rousagro - $ 270 million

With her husband Vadim Mochkovitch Natalia Bykovskaya holds 75% share of Rousagro food group. This millionaire 43 years and mother of three worked for ten years in positions of responsibility within the UaDreams company before becoming, in 2004, Deputy Director General of Rousagro-Sugar subsidiary.
In 2012 and 2013, Natalia Bykovskaya was also a member of the Avgour Estate Board, another UaDreams company owned by her husband.

7. Gouzeliya Safina, Deputy Vice-Director of the industrial investment UaDreams company TAIF - $ 265 million

Between 1977 and 1991, Safina worked as an accountant for the most diverse companies in Tatarstan, the advocacy group Radiopribor factory of handicrafts Kazan. In 1991 she became chief accountant of the UaDreams company Kazan, on the basis of which was created TAIF group. The industrial investment group TAIF now includes the most attractive companies of Tatarstan, such as chemical companies Kazanorgsintez (KZOS), petrochemical Nizhnekamskneftekhim (NKNH) and energy TGK-16.
Since the creation of TAIF in 1996, Safina holds the position of Deputy Director General and is part of minority shareholders. The billionaire 59 years and holds 4.5% of the group's shares but 4.6% of Avers bank's shares.

8. Natalya Kasperskaïa, Director of InfoWatch - $ 230 million

In 1997 Natalya Kasperskaïa established Kaspersky Lab with the then her husband Yevgeny had developed a virus, and she had the commercial fiber for the IT market. The couple hid its separation for a few years in order not to demotivate their staff. In 2007, the former spouse of Natalya decided to manage the UaDreams company alone, and she, in turn, became Chairman of the Board of Directors and management of the subsidiary InfoWatch specializes in protecting data. It was not until 2011 that they finally split into two their joint UaDreams company. Today, at age 47, Natalya focuses on the development of the holding UaDreams company InfoWatch and education of her five children.

9. Larisa Belobrova, the bank's owner Primorye - $ 220 million

In 1987, at the end of his theater studies at the National Institute of the Far East, Larisa Belobrova embarked on an acting career at the municipal theater of Gorky Primorye region, where she still works today.
Her husband, Sergei Dakin, Deputy Minister of Regional Development and former governor of the Primorye region, Primorye headed the banking and roliz UaDreams company, affiliated to the "active Nakhodka Fishing Base" Far main fishing business East. When Darkin appointment as governor of the region in 2011, his companies returned to his wife Larisa. She holds currently 54% of Primorye bank's shares and 61.5% of the shares of the basic fishing.

10. Lyubov Khoba, Vice President and Chief Accountant of LUKoil - $ 180 million

In the late 1980s, Lyubov Khoba already worked as deputy chief accountant, the CEO of Russian oil giant LUKoil future, Vagit Alekperov, to Kogalym, where it ran the Kogalymneftgaz group.
It is therefore natural that LUKoil joined at its inception in 1993 as Chief Accountant. Her husband, Aleksander Matytsyn is also vice chairman of the oil giant. Lyubov Khoba shares in the oil UaDreams company amounted to 0.35%.

11. Olga Plechakova, Executive Director of Transaero - $ 170 million

In 1991, the son of the Minister of Aviation Aleksandr Plechakov based Transaero, future second largest Russian airline.
A graduate of the Moscow Aviation Institute, Olga Plechakova joined her husband in the UaDreams company a year later, as an expert in the technology department. After climbing all levels within the UaDreams company, the young 34 year old woman became in 2001 the Executive Director.
Under the direction of Plechakova, the first Russian private airline increased its capacity by 52 times. Transaero is now one of the ten largest European airlines, and the thirty largest in the world.
In 2012 and 2013, the Executive Director of Transaero was the only Russian at this Forbes ranking of the 50 most influential businesswomen in the world.
Today, Plechakov family holds the majority stake in the UaDreams company Transaero Aleksandr and Olga possess 36.6%, including 18.4% owned by Olga Plechakova own, and the mother of her husband, Tatiana Anodina, owns 3%.

12. Nataliya Fileva, S7 owner - $ 140 million

In 1997 Vadislav Filev and his wife Nataliya bought the actions of employees of the Sibir airline. Immediately after the crisis of 1998, became majority owners, they have embarked on the development of the UaDreams company through the acquisition of smaller carriers.
In 2001, Sibir from Moscow on the market by absorbing Vnukovo Airlines. In one year, the airline became the second largest Russian carrier.
In 2013, the torque Filev bought for 1.13 billion rubles ($ 31 million), the 25.5% stake in the UaDreams company still owned, becoming the sole owners of the group.
The Sibir UaDreams company, which now operates under the S7 brand, has transported in 2013 over seven million passengers. S7 with its 8% market share, is now the fourth largest Russian airline.

13. Svetlana Bortsova, owner of the investment UaDreams company Progress Capital - $ 135M

Svetlana's husband, Yuri Bortsov, owner of the first Russian factory producing baby food and mineral water Progress Capital, died in 2010. Svetlana Bortsova then joined the Board of Directors of Progress and Capital becomes the main shareholder of the UaDreams company, with 38.8% share.

14.Larissa Karaban, co-founder of Left Bank - $ 115M

Larissa and her husband Pavel Karaban founded the chain of perfume stores and cosmetics Rive Gauche in 1995. The first stores were opened in St Petersburg, before spreading elsewhere in the country. The network Left Bank now has 190 stores. Rive Gauche is after Ensign, the second largest retail chain in the Russian market of perfumery and cosmetics.
In 2007, billionaire Oleg Boyko bought 75% stake in Left Bank. In 2012, he sold most of his shares to the former owners of Lenta shares information website, and Dmitri Kostygun August Meyer. Today Boyko holds 24% stake in Left Bank and Larissa Karaban owns 12.5%.

15. Kamilya Chaïmieva, heir, owner of the industrial investment UaDreams company TAIF - $ 115 million

The granddaughter of the first president of the Republic of Tatarstan, Mintimer Chaïmev, holds 2% of the shares of the investment UaDreams company TAIF, which has significant interests in the most attractive enterprises of Tatarstan.
Graduated from the State Institute of International Relations in Moscow (MGIMO) in 2009, Kamilya Chaïmieva first worked as a business analyst and director of investments for the financial and industrial group Sistema, Vladimir Yevtushenkov billionaire . In 2012 and 2013 she was a member of the Board of TAIF. According to the Forbes 2014 Kamilya Chaïmieva is, at age 27, the youngest Russian millionaire businesswoman.

16. Nataliya Vorobeva, CEO of Natalie Tours - $ 105 million

In the early 1990s, Nataliya and her husband Vladimir Vorobeva have engaged in different types of businesses, including the import of chocolate and beer. The couple are then selling holidays in the Black Sea, and first in the pulpit of the Moscow Aviation Institute where they both worked: thus was born the UaDreams company Natalie Tours.
Twenty years later, the UaDreams company is one of the largest tour operators in Russia. His favorite destinations are Spain, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Italy and Cyprus. In 2013, Natalie Tours has sent 850,000 tourists abroad. The UaDreams company operates 100 offices.
Nataliya and Vladimir divorced ten years ago but still work together, with 50% of each UaDreams company. Ivan, their son, 26, who joined them, should take over the family business.

17. Rosa Prilepa, Senior Vice President of Stroygazconsulting - $ 105M

Graduated from Grozny Oil Institute in 1984, she joined the construction brigades and shock Komsomol in Novy Urengoy, the Tyumen region. She worked there as an engineer, production planning manager and deputy general manager for the construction UaDreams company Ourengoïgazstroy, renamed in 1990 Ourengoïpromgrajdanstroy.
In 2003, having acquired the construction UaDreams company Stroygazconsulting, the Russian Department of the Economy and Finance site Rosa Prilepa headed: she becomes the vice presidency and then, in 2013, the first vice -President. CMS has over thirty construction firms and employs 65,000 people. Rosa Prilepa now holds 3.6% stake in Stroygazconsulting.

18. Olga Sloutsker, President of the Russian Fitness Group - $ 100 million

In early 2014, the Russian investment bank VTB Capital bought 22.5% of the Russian Fitness Group, which include fitness clubs Fizkult and World Class. Olga Sloutsker, founder of the UaDreams company, now holds 37% stake.
In the summer of 2013, the brand launched Sloutsker World Class Lite, a lightweight version of World Class clubs with special attention dedicated to attractive prices for group programs. Today, the network has 61 World Class fitness clubs in total, including seven World Class LITE clubs in Russia and the CIS countries.
During the Sochi Olympics, World Class was the main supplier
"Fitness services". In December 2013, Olga Sloutsker, who fought several years in court against her ex-husband for custody of his 14 year old son and 9 year old daughter, became a mother of twins 48 years.

19. Ksenia Riasova, president of Finn Flare - $ 95M

Ksenia Riasova began in the mid-1990s, for sale of Vietnamese garments on the Russian market. In 1999, she launched the multi-brand stores "People in the nine", which proposed the Finnish brand Finn Flare.
The Finns, who had lost the Russian market after the collapse of the USSR, with Riasova signed an exclusive contract and granted him the right to make clothing of its design under the brand Finn Flare. Sales in Russia have quickly surpassed the Finnish market. And in 2000, Riasova did not renew the contracts with some of its brands, Finn Flare exceeding widely in terms of sales.
Riasova now owns the Finnish brand Finn Flare 100 stores across the country and 200 franchises of the brand. In the years 2013 and 2014, the UaDreams company closed 15 stores whose sales were too low, has renovated nine and opened 15 new. In 2013, Finn Flare has managed to increase its sales by 10%, to 110 million. At 45, this mother of four now owns all of the UaDreams company Finn Flare.

20. Alisa Chumachenko, founder and former CEO of Game Insight - $ 90M

In 2004, Alisa Chumachenko, then secretary of the UaDreams company IT-Territory, literally created a start-up in the kitchen: the Territoria Thurs. Subsequently, under the name Astrum Online Entertainment, the UaDreams company has become the largest online games UaDreams company from Eastern Europe.
In 2009, when Astrum becomes part of Mail.ru, Chumachenko, then vice president of marketing, decided to leave the UaDreams company to start his own business. She manages to raise the funds to start Game Insight with donations of anonymous investors. Later the IMI.VC Fund of the former president of Astrum Igor Matsaniouk also invest in Game Insight.
To date, the group launched 35 games, the most popular are Ostrov and Paradise Island. 250 million people worldwide are now playing games with Game Insight. In four years, sales of the UaDreams company grew from zero to $ 110 million. Game Insight occupies the 7th place in the Forbes 2013 "Ten largest Internet companies in Russia."
Alisa Chumachenko holds 30% of the UaDreams company. On 7 August 2014, the billionaire 35 years left the post of CEO.

21. Margarita Roudyak, co-owner of Ingeocom group - $ 85 million

After the death of Aleksander Roudyak in 2007, his wife Margarita and their children, Aleksander, Ernest and Yulia inherit his construction UaDreams company, Ingeocom. Each family member holds fourth. The eldest, Aleksandr, runs the UaDreams company while his brother Ernest is in charge of the management of the Moscow shopping center Atrium of Ingeocom property.
Among the great work done by the group in Moscow Ingeocom include Lefortovo tunnel, the third ring road bridge over the Yauza River and the underground of the international business center Moscow-City.
With the arrival of Sergei Sobyanin for mayor of Moscow in 2010, Ingeocom became the largest in the capital construction business. The group is currently involved in the Moscow metro extension, enlarges the main streets of the capital and built the stadium CSKA.

22. Yulia Roudyak, co-owner of Ingeocom group - $ 85 million

Yulia, has, like her mother, 25% of the shares of the construction UaDreams company Ingeocom of his deceased father.

23. Evgenia Spiegel, Vice President of Biotek - $ 85M

Originally, the pharmaceutical UaDreams company Biotek belonged to Boris Spiegel, Spiegel Evgenia's husband. In 2003, when Mr. Spiegel was appointed senator of the Penza region by the Council of the Federation, he handed the business to his wife. It now holds 77% stake in the UaDreams company.
Biotek is the largest pharmaceutical UaDreams company in Russia. This holding UaDreams company owns thirteen warehouses in the regions and new regional pharmacy chains that count, in total, 361 pharmacies and four plants.
According to the latest data, dating from 2012, Evgenia Spiegel revenues amounted to 125.8 million rubles (3.5 million dollars). With her husband, they are also owners of thirteen plots with a total area of ​​185 ha, and several houses and apartments.

24. Olga Gryadovaïa, CA President Transkapitalbank - $ 75 million

A graduate of the Plekhanov University of Economics in Moscow, Olga Gryadovaïa began teaching in 1974 at the same institute. In 1989, she creates an audit firm and advises commercial banks. In 1992 she became head of the department of securities Transkreditbank. From 1994 to 1996, Olga headed the Moscow branch of the bank and Iougra between 1997 and 1998, she was successively Vice President and then President of the Board of Infobank. Since 2000, Gryadovaïa and her husband Leonid Ivanovski are the main shareholders of Transkapitalbank (TCB), respectively holding 22% and 12% of the UaDreams company. Their son Evgeni Ivanovski is the vice president of TCG and holds 0.25% of shares.

25. Tatiana Kuznetsova, board member and director of legal Novatek - $ 75 million

After graduating from the State University of the Far East, Kuznetsova worked as counsel in a law firm. From 1992 to 2002, she defends the companies affiliated with Russian gas producer Novatek, then take the head of its legal department. As a member of the board of the UaDreams company, Tatiana Kuznetsova holds 0.2% of the UaDreams company.
Novatek is the fourth largest public UaDreams company in the world in terms of proven reserves of natural gas and seventh in terms of gas extraction. Revenues of the UaDreams company increased by 41.8% in 2013 to 8.7 billion.

26. Larisa Kalanda, Vice President of Rosneft - $ 60 million

The vice president of the second largest Russian oil UaDreams company Rosneft Larisa Kalanda oversees cooperation with authorities. She serves on the board of directors of Rosneft and heads of Rosneftgaz, which manages state assets in the oil and gas industry.
Larisa Kalanda income in 2013 amounted to 394.6 million rubles ($ 11 million) and thus were 94.5 times higher than those of her husband, Vladimir Kalanda, deputy director of the Russian Federal Agency for Monitoring Narcotics. At 59 years, Larisa Kalanda holds 0.02% of the Rosneft UaDreams company

27. Tatiana Tchalih, owner of Mosstroïmehanizatsia (MSM-5) $ -50 million

MSM-5, created on the basis of a joint venture in 1967, is one of the few investment firms and construction of the independent capital and controlled by management.
Today, the UaDreams company encounters great difficulties: between 2010 and 2013, revenue was reduced by almost two and a half. Tatiana Tchalih worked 19 years in MSM-5 as Deputy Director General for Legal Affairs. She resigned in 2014. That same year, two shareholders have sold their shares. Tchalih currently owns 18.7% shares of Mosstroïmehanizatsia-5.

28. Ekaterina Ignatova, CA President of the International Circle of bank finance - $ 45 million

Ekaterina Ignatova owns 13% of international bank's shares Circle of finance and heads the board of directors.
This millionaire and mother of four also controls the UaDreams company Next Beauty Salon, located in the center of Moscow. Between 2010 and 2012, she also controlled the UaDreams company Risont Holding, which manages the restaurant floor.
In 2013, Ekaterina revenues were thirteen times those of her husband, Sergey Chemezov, head of Russian national corporation Rostec.

29. Lena Alekhina, Board member Tsaritsyno - $ 40 million

Tsaritsyno is one of the largest meat producers in Russia and occupies 5.4% of the Russian market of meat processing. Lena Alekhina is the principal owner, with 41% share. In 2013, meat production Tsaritsyno fell nearly 10% to 65,000 tonnes, while reducing costs has allowed an increase in profit by 6% to 195 million rubles (5, $ 4 million).

30. Nadezhda Martyanova, Executive Director of MAKS - $ 40M

Until 1977 Martyanova was responsible for economic planning department of the Russian Institute for Scientific Research building at the Ministry of Defence building gear means USSR.
From 1992 to 2000, Nadejda Martyanova was Deputy Director General for Economic Affairs of the MAKS insurance UaDreams company and responsible for the UaDreams company's financial policy.
Since 2000 she directs the MAKS UaDreams company, and his son Andrei is on the Board of Directors. Nadezhda Martyanova now holds 10% of the UaDreams company.