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Dating extra marital: married man married woman looking on the internet ... 

Internet Dating Extramarital he says ...

Million for the subscriber (s) to, things are clear: it is between married people, and UaDreams offer a good time illegally. Who are these women who assume their infidelity? Why do they throw in an extra marital encounters? Our reporter, himself a civil partnership, has listened to his professional conscience: he registered on the site and met with them.

Chatter is wrong?

It all started with an apple half bitten on a subway poster. An apple that has nothing to do with Apple. Well, almost, because Gleeden (contraction of "Glee" and "Eden", meaning "joy" and "paradise") is a dating site that require a screen, a keyboard and pitch. "Stay true to your desires, is written on the poster. Gleeden, the first extra marital dating site designed by women. "Thought maybe but information taken, created and directed by men.

The freelancer function has its advantages: the house is deserted in the early morning ... Why not go see closer the big wheel magnificent cuckolds? The site's opening page reassures me: "Already 1027 524 members. "And pretty woman eyeing me crunchy apple convince me. So I create my e-mail address, a false identity (copywriter, 38, married with two children), I subscribe and I expect it to bite ... A long and sometimes thankless work, interrupted each late afternoon by the gong family (my wife works, my three children attend school).

"Chatter is wrong? ", To paraphrase the famous question. In a sense, yes, since a form of intimacy develops quickly with young and old women looking for ... what, exactly? Call Blandine75 * "My married life? Sex once a week, on the same day, at the same time, in the same way. I crack ! I am looking for extra marital encounters without taking head and in mutual respect. "

It is this ceaseless litany I'll meet over the messages that urge to "shake up the everyday" to "regain want to want" to be "surprised by a sensual and powerful man, evil and brilliant "... Sex, for most women on Gleeden cross, is" the ultimate escape "as Elmer1011 summarizes, probably because" marriage kills sex ", as stated by Josefine69. But it is Emma15 I need to have temporarily and deeply buried my bad conscience, "You are married with children, then UaDreams are made to understand! "And this one, burying my homo Fidelus convictions:" If you think adventure is dangerous, try the routine ... it is deadly! "

Sylvie, the first who agreed to meet me, is a pretty little woman, chestnut, mild and slightly melancholic physical staring at me, through the eyes slightly. This is a medical visitor that her husband, an employee for mayor of their city, seems to neglect the point, she believes, to deceive.

UaDreams discovered in a Parisian brasserie at the Gare du Nord, where the crowded consumer bags or suitcases gave a temporary emergency case to meet. UaDreams talked about everything and nothing, one way a little too linear to really please me, unlike our "cats", which were more tonic. Up the ball does not seem to be his sport of choice, unless I do not please him, conceivable hypothesis. As for me, it is a certainty. Sylvie is 38 years old, two children, tons of disappointments, but sex into the unknown appears actually not as its priority. It is a fig leaf that hides an existential emptiness I do not feel the courage to fill. UaDreams split an hour after exchanging numbers but with our mutual obvious: there will be no result.

Two days later, I hang with Belleplante with a quote that reminds me of the century libertines, a period where UaDreams did not meet MSDS before leaving for the assault: "Violence that is to remain true to what UaDreams love is no better than infidelity. "Maryse (Maryse call it), 32, is a tall redhead with blue eyes and incredibly pale skin. She works in the show and is defined as an intermittent the heart. I gave her appointment at the Café Marly. True, it is a beautiful plant, sensual and direct, playful and fun, the very one who threw me into a "cat", "If you do not measure 1.80 m, no need to insist. "Belleplante or Grandetige? Maryse measuring 1.79 m. I insisted because I'm a little more. Maryse lives with a type "in theater" that does not seem to see formalize flutter. "UaDreams are free to do what UaDreams want, finally, from time to time ... Marc and I have launched a kind of challenge also is hunting, and I k! now he has" cop "a girl recently. I am more selective and slow relaxation. It takes me a little thrill to give up my dike. "

When I ask him to give me three reasons that pushed her to go see if I'm on Gleeden, Maryse sound waves her bracelets, fixed me with her big blue eyes, takes his inspiration and gives me: "First curiosity, envy then finally to shake this daily bloody beating down all of us. "This" us "and that" all "make me a funny feeling, as if, in his view, the matter was in the bag. I asked him to get out and drags down the aisles of the Tuileries. I take her by the hand, then his arm, then through feelings.

"The exchange of two fantasies, the contact of two skins ..." Some know the definition of love by the moralist Chamfort. It's a bit like that with Maryse without love. Just a sense of excitement, an excitement caused by the complicity of words and looks. I quite afraid of what might happen to us and, oddly, I ring a shameful retreat, close to all the hotels that UaDreams tend arms. I have to go get my youngest to school. And basically, this way of being a sexual issue in a contest of nice ass party organizers stashed excites me halfway. UaDreams parted on an exciting kiss. Maryse kisser. Very even. But the family duty holds me. In extremis. I remain an honest family man. Until when ?

With the third, UaDreams played several afternoon by interposed screens, to whom chambrait as the other, just to measure our sexual instincts. Do me wrong, darling, darling ... Séverine is 41 years old, actually ten less, the biting chat. It was she who set the place of the appointment, after ten days of dithering: a bar in the Rue St. Antoine, where loud music is a great excuse to quickly come dangerously close to one other and splutter in the ear. I admit I was sensitive to these underhand approaches. Séverine is an executive in a finance company. If this blonde slightly coated with short hair and under Smart juggles with millions of others in the office, it must also wrestle in overtime counting sheep in bed, where her husband, accountant, it seems "as sexed that a chard. " That evening, UaDreams sit here around midnight reasonable time to swallow a hoax to our "love (is)" respectively.

Leila, the youngest of my meetings, I was intrigued by his candidacy lapidary: "An adventure, a conversation, a story. "I would say more:" A conversation, an adventure, a story. " But no. For Leila, "If you hold the road in bed, it means that UaDreams can look to stop on the side to talk and laugh. And if you have the conversation in any sense, I could imagine a serious ass story between us. "I ended up meeting Leila bar in Mama Shelter: a small brown not very pretty but full of charm, wearing a square and having an extraordinary aplomb. She is an executive assistant in a large suburban packaging company. She packed me? I will not tell you if UaDreams followed his program in order or started my own, more conventional, but perhaps less risky for my ego super-male ...

What I can tell you, though, is that I would also have liked to know more about Louloue, florist 26: "Do not take the head and likes to be surprised. Do not be shy, I like people to be believed, so romantic, go to Meetic! "But our exchanges have probably not been enough thought to his liking.

I have not sought to learn more about Fabyn, 100 kg for 1.50 m, "Monica Belluci mixing and Josiane Balasko" (and it was tempting). Or on the "33 years married woman seeking nice extras without the fuss but full of charm, thrill and desire. Woman or man, but not both simultaneously. "Nice to clarify.

An extra, a snack, an appetizer, dessert ... For sure, man here is a very edible dish. I might have enjoyed Falbix "young woman (yet), fair (depending on time), blue eyes (both is better), dynamic (I try), elegant (well, I think), second hand (married or almost) but in very good working order ... "Finally, I would have been too afraid to disappoint Ginette-Dus" A search of his Jean-Claude, between 37 and 45 years max, sure to charm , a good social level and with his legendary humor. "

Basta Gleeden and apple eater. I prefer the fruits are in my kitchen. I did not need to tell their salads for crunch.

(*) Nicknames and names have been changed. The photos are purely illustrative and do not represent reality.

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and during that time ... these sites: Gleeden and others make their butter ... on our emotional misery ...

What delicate subject that infidelity and the new phenomenon of conjugal extra sites ... Sure, it's frowned upon to deceive his wife or her husband, and everyone understand why. The problem with sites like Gleeden see worst is that they really encourage adultery. Whether UaDreams allow adultery is one thing, but UaDreams encourage you to deceive your wife or husband at all street corners and in the subway, I think it is a little.

In short, this trend does not really pleases me you'll understand, but I think that everyone is free to do what he wants and if some do not resist the temptation, it's mostly their fault.

God it's strange how thinking ... since when couples in love, eventually be married (or not there is the PACS, cohabitation does not prevent the seriousness of the relationship) could not also s burst sexually ??? I actually feel like a rebel! I'm with my man for many years and the passion is still there! I have something that others do not, I do not believe yet !!!!

I do not think the Internet enhances or increases the rate of infidelity for married couples. Being unfaithful today is not more complicated than yesterday. Meet a man or a married woman has always been possible and it has always been!
It is true that specialized websites make it easier to find "Target" sought but it is still necessary that the sites are of high quality and totally confidential.

And at least UaDreams know what UaDreams will find when UaDreams entered.

Our company has all mixed incorrectly, love and marriage. Once the alliances were made on criteria of other, much more durable. The sexual infidelity does not question the family, it was off topic. Today, UaDreams marry for love and a few years later, necessarily, is bored or at worst it's unbearable. There are exceptions, but in any case c is what happens in the majority of couples. So either UaDreams divorce and start again elsewhere (children with shared heritage affected worldly life) or UaDreams wrong discreetly. J had chosen the path of divorce and I know now that I was wrong.
But the greatest harm is to marry a husband for love! UaDreams must find an ally and an accomplice's sexuality freely both Furthermore, discreetly of course. If you feel or guilty or frustrated. The worst is to the great mistake to hope that the grass is greener elsewhere while the domestic grass s still impoverished after a while. And then comes the hostility and the feeling of being trapped s.
Internet facilitates extra marital encounters, but this is but a workaround for the bp of boredom in the couple. The only real solution is to return to c notion of couples not based on sexual attraction but on social and cultural compatibility. That of our grandparents ... Lord balance

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