Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Why the Russians are the best hair extensions for western hairstyles

Russian virgin hair

is a popular source for wigs manufacturers and biggest shows of hair extensions. Russian hair strands sellers collect mainly in remote countryside of Russia and Ukraine where a large population of women looking for an extra income. The hair is thin, soft, and shiny and many providers are pulling their hair because UaDreams are not treated in the highest quality and will naturally be sold at the highest price. Vendors collecting locks of hair strands to create according to their color, length and thickness, making sure the hair is all in the same direction retaining the orientation cuticle (Remy).

Quality wig manufacturers control these strands thousands, and the best hair extension salon. Wig manufacturers teindront if necessary before sewing to make wigs. When you want the best quality wig or hair extension, Russian hair is the most suitable to Western and gives more freedom in terms of style. Although black hair Asian and Indian women is very beautiful, it does not reproduce hairstyles sought by European women as wigs or hair extensions.

Asian and Indian hair

are much more economical compared to European hair because it is a real hair well developed market in these regions and women know UaDreams can sell their hair easily, so some barbers and manufacturer of industrially buy their operating extensions Hair from these abundant and economical sources.

But the products from these hair unfortunately not last as long and will not allow you to get the most refined styles and styles of European hairstyles naturally. Asian and Indian hair is often thicker and have a different texture, which lends itself so well to the styles prevalent among the creators of Western modes. And to get the wide range of colors European hair, the manufacturer must depigmenting and whitening using chemical processes or by osmosis in baths for weeks and then again colored hair.

It is this hair bleaching phase that abyss as their texture loses every step a little of its strength, its natural shine and radiance. That is why the wigs made of bleached hair is brittle and fall much faster than wigs made from unbleached hair. Russia is now the largest natural European hair suppliers, and manufacturers that use it will have a greater range of colors that are available to them to produce extensions and the highest quality wigs without treatment, which also ensures a silky touch, natural shine and robustness of natural hair extensions Hair Glam, the only Parisian salon to offer real Russian hair extension.

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