Thursday, July 16, 2015

I can recommend Ua Dreams to anyone

I joined UaDreams a year ago and finally decided to write a rewiev. Last autumn I have read about other people having good luck here and figured it was my turn to see for myself.

At first I communicated with several ladies who wrote nice and warm e-mails. We often chatted, and I have to say that the video chat is a good opportunity to see if you really like a lady. I didn't want to continue communication with one lady because she was always late for our meetings in chat. It is good that I understood this before our meeting in person. Unpunctual people irritate me.

However another lady attracted my attention in the video chat. We talked so often that I decided to see her in real life. It was time to contact Ua Dreams and arrange a trip for me.

Actually I had some doubts. I couldn't be sure if Ua Dreams would make everything well and safe. Their support center ensured me that everything would go smoothly. They booked a flight and an appartment for me. I ordered several hours of interpreting to feel well during communication with my lady.

When I came to Ukraine, everything went well. The driver was great, he was very punctual and polite. The hotel was nice. My interpreter was very knowledgeable and helpful ans was always available to take care of any problems no matter how small.

My first date with my lady was amazing and great together with my translator. My lady was happy and excited to see me. I can recommend Ua Dreams to anyone. I think that it was a great decision to come to Ukraine.

Cox Jose 

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